Vastu offers, mostly

simple remedies to

many challenges

of mankind
For   Solving   the       problems

of,   finance, health, family, etc..
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Only because of a very

high success stream,

vastu expanded to most

of the world.
A qualified, an experienced &

fore-telling vastu consultant.
Contact : +91- 967 66666 42
Vastu, a science,

solves any grievance

of any one.

Never lose hope
For   guaranteed results through

simple   and   economic   cures.
Contact : +91- 967 66666 42

About us

I am Mr. Mudigonda Bala Sampath Kumar, known also as Vastu Sampath. I am a qualified, experienced, descendant of a Vastu clan and foretelling consultant, suggesting simple, practicable, space and cost effective solutions.

My Guruji late Shri Kasinadhuni Subramanyam garu, was considered to be one of the top most authorities of Vastu, with an experience of more than 5 decades....

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Best Vastu Shastra Consultant in Hyderabad

Serves any part of the globe

Never Lose Hope – Try Vastu Sampath Ones for, prediction telling coupled with reliable results through simple practicable solutions

Holistic and Humanly Approach

A family Vastu consultant, need to be engaged on the lines of a family doctor or a family auditor for a happy life and for overcoming any challenge. The honorable supreme court pronounced that astrology was a science. Vastu is an integral part of astrology. When astrology takes care of a single individual, Vastu takes care of a whole family.

Vastu has got its origin in Vedas, Mayasabha in Mahabarath, Ayodya in Ramayana and many more references, validate the Vastu. Without giving any room to Sacrifices, Religious and caste divides etc., with a rational, holistic and humanly approach, vastu ensures happiness to every human being, cutting across all geographical, ethnic, break-ups, linguistic and caste divisions.



Empirical evidence

On a visit to a property or a detailed plan, the fortunes of the occupancts of the said property are revealed based on the vastu sastra by myself.

The fact that, popularity of the ‘vastu’ is not confined just to India, but the world over, it self speaks volumes. only because  vastu being  a science,  garunties, success & happiness, terminating, distress, if any, through simple and cost effective remedies.

The rationality of Vastu also could be understood by a fact that Vastu applies to the whole universe alike, just similar to the concept of the god, as omnipresent and Omni potential, cutting across all the geographies, ethnics, languages, etc.

Why do wait further, rush to a good Vastu consultant for defeating the agony and improving the happiness.


My Experience

In addition to vastu from a reputed university, my other studies are Mechanical engineering, law, science and astrology. All through my experience in vastu for two and half decades my mentor was ‘vastu brahma’ titled and one of the worlds top most authorities on vastu, late sri Kasinadhuni Subrahmanyam garu.

To be categorical, i found out that vastu being a science, gave relief to many, in coming out of difficulties of many nationals. Simply a vastu consultant is more than a doctor, an advocate a financial consultant etc.. I do offer my services both online as well as on site. My only endavour is to take the vastu much closer to the man kind.

My experience in the fields of engineering, ventilation, illumination and fire safety, has given me an unique advantage in rendering my services as a singular vastu consultant. For having a social concern for sparing reasonable time to the clients, give limited number of appointments.

I give predictions to the satisfaction of my clients, on my visit to properties or plan. I also offer simple, parcticable remedies for most of the vastu defects found in various properties / projects. Resultingly my cients come out of their problems and reap the benifits of success. Since vastu is saving lives, I am continuing to be a vastu consultant, with out preferring other occupations, relevant to my academics. This credit goes only to my guruji late Sri Kasinadhuni Subrahmanyam Garu.


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