10 best vastu practises for procuring wealth

10 best vastu practises for procuring wealth

WEALTH: As Vastu is a science (a Vedic science), caters to every need of human beings, so the wealth. Some rich people are seen becoming a pauper. Some poor people are also seen becoming very rich. A careful analysis into such cases establishes that Vastu is for wealth and success or failure need not be attributed to individuals.

WHY VASTU: A horoscope comes with the birth of an individual and is unchanged in a lifetime. Astrological remedies may give minor relieves to an individual from different sufferings, but can not remove problems. But Vastu, being in our control, could pave the way for betterment in every sphere of activity, so as Vastu is for wealth.

For the betterment of the people, the governments should encourage research and development, in knowing the details of how Vastu was responsible for the growth and the decay of kingdoms, in our history. Some of the foreign countries are continuing to do research on our shastras.

COMMON MISTAKES: Thinking that Vastu of the business premises alone is enough for the success of a business, people land in troubles. So all the properties owned by an individual should be checked for arriving at a correct and total picture. Another myth was that Vastu need not be seen for a rented house.

North facing is preferred for business. Had a north-facing property is not developed with great care, with many micro related Vastu issues, a plan specific, it may become a liability for a business. More particularly while laying shops on the northern side of a property, a lot of calculations need to be done, once again pan-specific. Without opting for a professional approach to Vastu, people simply feel that Vastu has not helped.

Even if, properties of south-east and north-west blocks opt,  great care is necessary, in order not to fall into litigations and some other problems. Vastu being a Vedic civil engineering science, every principle of Vastu goes by measurements, calculations and equations. So the need for Vastu consultation starts from taking up a property to development. Even if a property is good as per Vastu, if the surroundings of the property were not in tune with the Vastu, such property will be of little help.

VASTU AUDIT: 1. A total audit of the property alone will give a correct picture of a property, with respect to the prospects of wealth.

2.Shape of a property should not be other than a square or a rectangle.

3.No road hittings at prohibited angles, is permitted.

4.Surrounding the Vastu of a property should be in tune with the Vastu.

5.Topography of a property should honour the principles of the Vastu sastra.

6.Contrary to the opinion of the society, a southwest block will give an enormous wealth, with a lot of over ridings. Otherwise, it becomes very challenging.

7.A northeast hitting road or street will result in good wealth.

8.An open well in a northeast corner, not only gives wealth but eradicates the ill-effects of Vastu defects to some extent.

9.Observance of Vastu in the whole structure of a property is necessary for good wealth.

As Vastu defects are property specific mostly, see a good Vastu consultant for getting rid of the problems.


In case of any difficulties experienced, try to see a qualified Vastu consultant for relief.

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