13 best vastu practises for placing furniture at home

13 best vastu practises for placing furniture at home

Arrangement and selection of furniture either in a house or in an office, should be, by the Vastu, for receiving desired success. Not just furniture, but on every aspect of a property, to the surprise of many, like false ceiling and interior etc. Vastu applies.

COMMON MISTAKES: Often people complain that despite the Vastu orientation of a property, troubles continue to persist. . Vastu deals with every aspect of a property,  whether a house or a shop or industry etc. Of course, Vastu applies to anyone regardless of religion, caste, geography etc.

Hoping that north being a place of lord Kubera, people tend to keep almarah of cash and jewellery, on the northern side of a property. Some keep almarah, facing north. For the space economy, people lay beds under beams. Round tables are chosen for good looks.


  1. All the heavy furniture must be placed in southwest corners.
  2. Heaters and liquid storages should be placed in either southeast or northwest corners.
  3. Almarahas should face east or west, but not any other direction.
  4. For offices, avoid using round tables, prefer rectangular tables.
  5. A seat of an officer or an administrator should face east or west
  6. Arrangement of shelves in an office, matters a lot. And should be arranged by the Vastu, otherwise the official concerned may become administratively weak.
  7. In an office room, the placing of a table should not be in a northeast corner.
  8. Broken glasses and furniture need to be discarded soon, without keeping in a house.
  9. Never water containers like pots should not be kept in the northeast corner.
  10. Some people tend to keep an Akhand Jyoti, (continuous flame), maybe a kedareswara deepam, in a northeast corner. This must be discontinued and could be shifted to a northwest corner.
  11. In normal circumstances, in houses,  the size of the idols of gods should not be more than the size of a fist.
  12. In cities, space constrain in the residences is a common phenomenon. Then expecting a separate pooja room is a bit difficult. No separate room for pooja is required for performing pooja. Poojas could be performed in some cleaned space facing east or west. For placing the idols, some slot may be found, maybe in a kitchen in some corner, without any loads just above the shelf of the gods.
  13. Try to procure all the required objects for pooja, to be in the order of priority, starting from gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminium, and earthenware, but not stainless steel.

In case of any difficulties experienced, try to see a qualified Vastu consultant for relief.

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