Vastu Vedam:

Vastu Vedam is the title of a book being written by myself, wherein i am trying to deal in detail about every aspect of the vastu. This being a website I deal the main features of the Vastu in brief to give an important understanding about the vastu.

vastu vedam

For knowing the uniqueness of the ‘VEDIC VASTU’ followed in India, Vastu practices  observed in other parts of the globe, need to be studied.  The indigenous vastu systems practiced else where,  do  rest  on particular holy places like holy ‘Mecca’ & holy  Bethleham.

For instance in ‘Islam’ provision like wash room shall not be placed in the direction of,  or looking towards,  the holy ‘Mecca’. As the ‘Mecca’ being a precise place on the earth, while going around the ‘Mecca’ for some the ‘Mecca’ comes in east, for some south, for some west & for some north. So depending on a  site choosen the location  for a wash room also changes from east, south, west & to  north.

Similarly ‘Bethlehem’ is the holiest place for Christians. In western countries, as per the indigenous vastu the location for a wash room changes from east, south, west & north, depending on the direction of  a site with reference to the holy ‘Bethlehem’.

The Indian vastu system could be termed as the ‘VEDIC VASTU’.  The Vedic vastu depends on the concept of ‘ASTRADIKPAALAKAAS’ means eight cardinal gods for eight directions, correspondingly east, south- est, south, soust-west, west, north -west, north &north-east, which will not  change from place to place. So The vedic vastu doesn’t change from place to place on the planet. Harnessing of the energies of all the eight directions occupied by ‘ASTADIKPAALAKAAS’ is the real secrete behind the astrounding success of the ‘VEDIC VASTU’, world over.

The honourable supreme court of India pronounced that ‘Jyotisha sastra’ means Indian astrology as a science, of which the ‘Vastu’ is an integreal part.

The truthfulness of Vedas could be cross checked from the angle of science. The advancement of science happened so far,  however a miniscule may be even  within  this solar family,  the science didn’t stand at the loggerhead with the Vedas. The Vedas did tell that universe is composed of many solar families, which the science realized of late. The concept of atom was prevalent in Vedas. Mentioning of an aeroplane in an epic ‘Raaamaayan’,  the first writing on ‘Pregnancy’ by Raavana Brahma & various astraas or weapon systems mentioned in an epic Mahaabhaarat are few examples. So when Vedas are found to be true, obviously being the derivatives the upavedas will become true. Astrology, vastu, yoga & ayurveda are some of the main upavedas.  It is but natural that where ever a faith exists, automatically superstitions also get into.  In order to gain a total advantage of Vedas, suprerstitions like sacrifices and segmentation of manind shall not be allowed to cropin the systems.

The factuality of these main four upavedas could be easily  realized. For instsance an ‘ Astrologer’ tells about every feature of an individual based on the date, time & place of birth of the individual concerned without seeing the individual. The whole world is enjoying the fruits of the ‘Yoga’ after united nations’ adoption. Because of invasions on India, the Indian medical system ‘Ayurveda’ also has taken a beat.  Otherwise  India would have become not just the richest country but would have become the toch bearer of  the world in medicine with a leap forward, based on many still unexplored treasures prevailed in ‘Ayurveda’,

On visit to a property or a plan of a property basing on the ‘vastu sastra’, I reveal about the fortunes of the holder of the property concerned, an uncommon honor my guruji blessed me, is itself a testimony for ‘Vastu’. When revealed fortunes are found true, the vastu -remedies for any vastu defects also must follow the suit.  But  vastu defects can’t be rectified by  Fengshui, Pyramids, Mirrors etc. as vastu is altogether on a different footing of the concept of ‘ASTADIKPAALAKAAS’.  It is like hanging on to  Fengshui, Pyramids or mirrors, without fitting the breaks to a breakless vehicle.

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