Couples finding difficulty in getting parenthood shall give  vastu a chance for finding out any vastu defects concerned if any and for rectification of the same for enjoying the parent hood. First and foremost, a vastu audit of a property concerned should be done. Application of principles of vastu for the sorounding vastu is unfortunately very low in the present society. The application aspect of vastu does require experience, in-depth knowledge of vastu and  engineering orientation. Though water bodies are permitted in the east and north, the extent of the water bodies with reference to a property, lay out of the area are important factors for shielding a property from any vastu defects. East and north-east corner are the most important elements in vastu, affecting the issue of children. An extent of a site, set backs in east and north of a site,  dimensions of a structure are some of the parameters governering the  placement of a well or a tube-well & a sump even within the north-east corner.

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