Lord kubera, the god of wealth, being the in-charge of north, is important for analyzing the causes of financial problems. A total vastu audit of a property concerned, is a predatory before proceeding for the problem specific analysis. The north-east of a property could be in excess in comparison with south-east and north-west. If north-east falls short of, the miseries, more particularly financials of the people concerned may be under great stress.  The north-west of north should be in alignment with the north-east corner. In other words north-west of north should not be greater than the north-east. The floor level of north of a property should not be higher compared to western and southern directions of a property and to a road for a north facing property. While distributing loads in a property, always northern side of a property should be the last priority. In case of reversal of the levels, the financial problems may be the consequences. The positioning of a  tube-well or a open-well, even in a north-east corner of a property, should abide by the other micro vastu principles, mostly the society is unaware of. The alignment of a well or a sump should be meticulously planned, in tune with a total plan of a property honouring the vastu principles, once again.

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