One of the main problems faced by the mankind is ill-health.  Vastu audit of a property should be conducted as usual before proceeding for a specific problem related vastu defects. Both on western and southern side of a property, water bodies should not exist. Even if exist, it all depends on the volume of water, distance from a property and the layout etc., could be evaluated only by a competent vastu consultant.  The location / arrangement of wash rooms in a property should be checked for prohibited angles. For preliminary understanding, a wash room should not be placed in north-east or south-west directions under any circumstances. A property having a road- hitting,  in south-east of east,  may result in ill-health of females. A property having a road-hitting in south-west of south or south-west of  west may  result in not just ill-health,  major issues out of ill-health. A property having non-vastu elevations in east or north may give rise to mental tension. A property having a cut in north-east may cause severe troubles to the persons concerned.

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