An industry requires a  large tract of land and it would be  normally in various shapes. That large tract of land should be brought into regular shapes with minimal wastage of land. Entrance & exit should be provided in auspicious angles. The success of an industry depends on synchronizing all the components like  production plants, staff quarters, effluent treatment plant,  administrative block etc. demanding altogether a non routine and specific, industry specific method. Among industries, electronics, textiles, steel, bewerages, oil etc. do need specific vastu orientation. Only for this reason many industries are falling sick. In selecting a large tract of land topography plays an important role. After acquiring the land, conversion to vastu orientation is to  be done immediately. Some times segmentation of land should be done depending on the extent of the large tract of land.  And leveling of the land as per vastu should be done. Depending on the process sheet of an industry, respective plants should be planned.

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