Know how Vastu audit can help your business growth by Mudigonda Bala Sampath Kumar ( Vastu Sampath ).

Know how Vastu audit can help your business growth by Mudigonda Bala Sampath Kumar ( Vastu Sampath ).

Vastu tips for businesses

BUSINESS: A chance could be given to Vastu for getting out of series of losses in business(es). As Vastu is true and shows the way for success and only because of which, Vastu became popular world over. I submit a shred of evidence, to prove that Vastu is true, out of my experience that on a visit to a property, I reveal the (mis)fortunes of the people concerned, with a clear analysis of Vastu defects and remedies.

COMMON MISTAKES: Usually the business premises is only seen for Vastu, omitting the residence of a business person. If the business premises are housed in a complex, naturally many issues are given a go by, for want of clarity. When a junction of roads is preferred for a business, for not being able to analyse critically a junction of roads, many businesses are falling apart.

In a thirst for premises in a busy commercial area, thought for Vastu comes late, only after facing some difficulties. A bit longer time will be taken to realize the impacts of some probable Vastu defects, for premises in a busy commercial area. Thinking that facing a premise alone is enough, other important Vastu aspects are given a go- by and facing problems.

Flyovers or foot over bridges, down way passages, in front of business premises, are to be properly analyzed. In selecting premises near hills and rivers, a thorough assessment is required. Having common walls with adjacent premises. Shops under the stairs. Premises with a circular shape. Premises in the vicinity of temples, churches, mosques or any other prayer houses. A seat of the owner in the southwest of premises and dumping of loads next to the seat of the owner.

Placing of water pots in a north-east corner of business premises. Having mezzanines in premises in an irregular manner. Having partitions within the business premises, in a non-Vastu way. Arrangement of loads haphazardly. An improper number of truss in a shed.


1. As facing of a premises, does have only limited importance in Vastu, look for all other Vastu features of premises.

2.If any premises of south-east and north-west blocks is to be taken, the advice of a qualified Vastu consultant is a must.

3.As far as the shape and levels of premises, all the Vastu principles are to be followed.

4.Ensure that no road hitting at prohibited angles.

5.Loads are to be dumped in a southwest corner.

6.Seat for an owner or an administrator should be a southwest corner.

7.Facing a seat of an owner or an administrator could either east or north.

Regardless of the availability of medical literature in books and net,  as consultation of a doctor is a must, consultation of a good Vastu consultant is more apt, as most of the Vastu defects are property specific.




In case of any difficulties experienced, try to see a qualified Vastu consultant for relief.

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