Just missing the goals of civil services, IITs, research missions etc. could be resultants of some specific vastu defects such as presence of excess of a north-west corner compared to a north-east corner, excess of a south-east corner compared to a north-east corner. In this contex  short fall of a north-east corner of a property means may be a plot, a flat or a building. Needless to say that a total vastu audit of a property should be done before proceeding further for finding out the reasons of the  problem, of proficient education.

A prospective student may occupy a room, may be a suitable room and  a student may have to face in order of priority  east, north or west, but not the south. A sitting posture of a student should be straight for activating the brain. Depending on the dimensions of a room and positioning of a study room in a total plan of a property, a student’s sitting place should be decided for a spectacular success.

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