A major house hold problem, earlier not much known, does have answers  in vastu. After rectification of specific vastu defects, concerning their respective properties, some warring couples about to get divorced are reconciling themselves & living together. So no one, need to suffer from the troubles of souring relation, rather may seek the services of a competent vastu consultant. The vastu defects affecting relations among the people concerned of a property are property specific. The arrangement of various components of a property should be in harmonious with one another,  as per  vastu. For example, keeping a kitchen in the middle of a property, a western style, became a fashion in a latest trend, a highly non-vastu way of placing a kitchen, means nothing but  inviting disputes among the cohanitants.

Never a ‘Tulasi pot’ should be placed in front of a door, nor in the north-east corner of a property. A pooja room should not be placed either in a north-east corner or south-west corner of a property. People may get astonished for a fact that a false ceiling of a property also is governed by vastu, failing which tensions will be the outcome.

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