In case of any untimely debacle like accident, death etc. immediately a vastu consultant may be consulted for finding out the vastu defects leading to such problems and removing the same, preventing any chance further, from occurring again. A total audit of a property concerned should be carried out. Fundamentally it is to be seen whether any road-hitting does exist in south-west of south or west of the property. Look for a road-hitting in south-east of east. Also look for water bodies in either south or western sides of a property. Even if they exist, many factors are to be analysed by a competent vastu consultant, for deciding the ill-effects if any, and vastu remedies.

It is also to be ascertained that the property concerned does not have an excess of north-west compared to the north-east and does not have an excess of north-west in comparison with the north-east, in other words north-east should not fall short of the property concerned.

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