Vastu Vedam

Vastu Vedam

vastu vedam

Vastu Vedam:

Vastu Vedam is the title of a book being written by myself, wherein I dealt in detail about every aspect of the vastu. This being a website I deal with main features of the Vastu in brief to give a very good but very important understanding about the vastu.

vastu vedam

Vastu is one of the four upavedas originated from Vedas. Other three upavedas or jyothishya, yoga, and Ayurveda. Only because these operators are giving outstanding results almost all parts of the globe are observing all these four upavedas. In one way these four operators are direct empirical evidence for the existence of the God and truth lies in Hinduism. As a matter of fact, other parts of the globe are observing all these four Vedas with a strong faith and commitment. Taking Vasu as an example, yeah well knowledge Vastu consultant gives out all the characteristics of inhabitants of a particular structure based on the Vastu Shastra. Likewise with the help of the date time place of the birth total physical social description of an individual is given by any famous any renowned astrologer. So that is house all this upavedas became very popular in other parts of the globe too.

When other modes of vastu depend on some variable physical factors such fundamentals of vastu very from place to place. But vedic Vastu having depended upon panchabhutas rudri Jala Vayu aakasha Agni this does not change from place to place. So this the vedic vastu is relevant to any part of the earth with dependable results. So harnessing the energies in all the eight directions which are occupied by Ashta is the real secret behind the success of the vedic vastu.

The Honorable Supreme Court in one of its verdicts, it pronounced declared astrology as a science. Vastu being a part of astrology the judgment the judgment of the supreme court does apply to Vastu also. The success rate in cardiac operations is about 55%, the success rate in Vastu vedam is much more than that. Because of an awareness and some social stigmas, the Vas to subject did not attend its due place you and legitimate place in the society for the better for the betterment of this society itself. It is also necessary to give a classification for a myth, that demolishing are the only solution for the correction of vastu defects. sometimes with just an expenditure of few hundred many Vastu defects could be corrected without any demolishing. The vedic Vastu vedam does apply to every part of the globe and every community without any sort of discrimination. That is the reason why all the humidity is getting benefit out of the vedic vastu.

Similar to any other field Vastu also does have a number of Consultants, who’s competence vary obviously. Myself hailing from a traditional Vastu family and learned this subject from a very highly reputed noted Vastu consultant Sri K Subramanyam garu My maternal uncle. I am a qualified Vastu consultant also. I could be one of your choicest Vastu vedam Consultants. For getting relief from any problem such as hell finance family business at cetera you please try once with me. Seeing the structure or any property I readily tell the characteristics results of the habitats of search property. With my readings, you can really, realize the potentiality of the vedic vastu. Priority for Poor and Needy.

An idea about Vastu I explain some of the salient features of the vastu, under different heads.

1) site selection of a site is a crucial factor in the shape of the site should be either in square or rectangular but not in any other shape. In case of a site some irregular shaped site, with the help of a qualified Vastu consultant square or rectangular shape should be marked out, leaving the other or outside sight as unusable.

Sides adjacent to mountains rivers temples mark’s Church at or any other prayer house and graveyards are not desirable even if to make use of suicide examination and approval of a qualified Vastu consultant is mandatory Surface level of a site should observe Southwest has elevated and northeast as low level in case of a breach of this principle search sites may result in reversal of games and growth landlocked fight between high rise structures is not desirable Sites made out of filling of wealth p*** makes at cetera are not suitable for swelling or any other usage obviously Hills or mountains could be in there in Sutherlin or Western side but not in other directions.

Water streams river or any other water bodies should not be either in South or west even in other two directions but for North East, no other corner is not auspicious.

Compass rising and setting of sun can of the sun cannot be depended upon for deciding the East and West and other directions only a good compost is the option for the same one should make oneself familiar with the uses of the compass at least in identifying all the directions latter any deviation if any a plot a side effect on property preferably coinciding to North-South axis is desirable. In case of any deviation, the major part of a side – North should be taken as not regardless of deviation in case of deviation to the tune of degrees seeking the services of a good Vastu consultant is necessary

Credentials of a client, like, name, phone number, email address will be kept confidentially.

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