One of the most critical issues of a structure is placing of a wash room. In some geographies, north-east corner is a choice for a wash room, a highly erroneous one. Mostly south-west corner is opted for a wash room, which is also highly  objectionable, resulting into untold sufferings of health & finance .Based on a plan  wash rooms need to be planned.

In many parts of India, people say that Niruti a demon being the in-charge of  south-west corner the demon should be treated with dirty things and washrooms shall be constructed in the south-west corner. But under any circumstances wash rooms shall not be constructed in the south-west corner. Wash rooms in the south-west corner will result in untold health issues & financial isssues. As told earlier the vastu being an engineering science dealing with measurements, mathematics & equations, depending on a plan of a property, places for wash rooms shall be decided.

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