What Vastu shastra is telling about tulasi plant position and its importance.

What Vastu shastra is telling about tulasi plant position and its importance.

vastu tips on tulasi plant positioning at home

Among the sacred plants, the ‘Tulasi’ (Holy Basil) plant, gets pivotal importance, for all the spiritual, medical, and economic reasons, found mentioned in Vedas, epics, astrology, Ayurveda, Vastu, and modern science.

According to Vastu, a Tulasi plant not only releases positive energies but also mitigates the evil energies. Starting from ‘Padma Purana to ‘Matsya Purana, almost every Purana (epic) establishes the same as ‘Tulasi’.

While observing various religious practices, a lot of variations could be found in different parts of India, but uniformity could be seen in offering pooja to Tulasi matha. Immediately after taking a bath, ladies offer pradakshanam (circles) to a Tulasi plant, a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi.

Along with Vastu, naturally, the adoption of the Tulasi plant a sacred plant is getting its prominence even in western countries, as results are experienced.

Similar to many other Vastu practices, in the aspect of placement of a Tulasi plant also many mistakes are being committed nowadays.

  1. Never a Tulasi plant should be placed in a northeast corner of a property.
  2. Never place a Tulasi plant in front of a door, whether the main door or a kitchen door.
  3. Other than a northeast and a southwest corner, choose any other part of a property, specifically not facing a door.
  4. Literature available either online or a book could give only an idea on any given subject. It is always desirable to contact a renowned Vastu consultant, for finding a final answer, property specific.

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